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About New England Fiberglass Windows

windowsNew England Fiberglass Windows (NEFW) is the exclusive New England distributor for Permaglass fiberglass windows manufactured by Norwood Windows, a family-owned manufacturer of high quality windows and doors based in New Brunswick, Canada. NEFW is owned and operated by Elizabeth Hearne, and is a registered Mass Housing woman-based enterprise.

The Window Specialists

New England Windows handles sales and installation of all types of windows — vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Unlike many window installers, we specialize in windows and window installation and don't do other types of construction. Windows is our only business and, as a result, we are experts in all types of windows.

As dealers of fiberglass windows, we offer quality fiberglass windows at value prices. Fiberglass windows are gaining in popularity because they last longer and perform better than other types of windows. Although they cost a little more to purchase, they are less expensive in the long run because they are energy efficient and outlast other types of windows. Learn more about the benefits of fiberglass windows.

Expert Service and Installation

New England Fiberglass Windows has 10 years of experience working with architects in the New England area. NEFW can work with you to select and customize the right windows for your project to create or duplicate the look and feel you are striving for. Our skilled staff can provide CAD drawings and pre-estimates for architects and expert installation for homeowners and contractors.

Historical Renovation Consultants

NEFW can help you replicate the exact look and feel of historical architecture with fiberglass fenestration. If your project requires historically-accurate windows that can’t be duplicated with fiberglass, NEFW also offers historically-accurate wooden windows that are pre-assembled for easy installation.

CAD Service Available

NEFW is the only fiberglass window distributor that offers CAD service. Just give us the specifications of your project and we'll provide CAD files for you, saving you the time of creating them yourself.

For more information, call 978.416.9495 or send us an email.